International Best-Selling Book by Paul Templer and Rebecca M. Simons to Release in Hardcover

March 28 10:14 2023
The international best-selling book “Marked for Life, Finding Grace and Grit Where You Least Expect It,” is now available in hardcover and on Audible.

“Marked for Life, Finding Grace and Grit Where You Least Expect It.” by co-authors Paul Templer and Rebecca M. Simons, is now available in hardcover. The book will be available for purchase at Amazon starting March 28, 2023, and is already available on Audible.

“Marked for Life” is a captivating and inspiring memoir that takes readers on a journey through the stunning survival and loss experiences of Paul Templer and Rebecca M. Simons. The book is a merger of stories and reflections shared by Paul Templer, a former African safari guide and now an accomplished business owner, keynote speaker, author, and philanthropist and Rebecca M. Simons, an intelligent,  sassy and unwittingly alluring theologian.

The duo provides insight into the path of discovering the magnificence and resilience that resides within all of us. The book is a perfect companion for wherever the journey of life has taken you. The lessons contained and revealed within the eleven tattoos inked on Paul’s body will captivate and inspire you.

“Marked for Life” takes the reader on an adventure visiting jungles and shamans, the Himalayas, and the Holy Land, where they encounter inspiring and relatable stories of loss and survival. The backdrop of death, divorce, disease, and a global pandemic sets the scene for this compelling and emotional journey.

In his foreword to “Marked for Life,” Patrick J. Kennedy states, “Through intensely powerful and personal stories, including ones about near death experiences and resulting emotional trauma, authors Paul and Rebecca offer insights into human strength, hope, and the ability to prevail over life’s challenges. While by no means a self-help book, the pages are packed with compelling, entertaining, and relatable anecdotes that will inspire action and growth.”

Paul Templer has  over 20 years of experience working as a consultant, coach and consigliere in a wide range of fast-paced, highly competitive business and philanthropic environments. Rebecca M. Simons, is owner and founder of Blissfully Living. She holds a master’s degree in theology and has nearly two decades of experience working in Christian settings, making theology accessible and applicable to people’s lives.

“Marked for Life, Finding Grace and Grit Where You Least Expect It” will resonate with anyone who bears the scars of hardship and tragedy; anyone navigating anxiety, heartbreak or grief; and anyone interested in changing their trajectory for the better.

Interested readers can visit the official websites of Rebecca M. Simons and Paul Templer to get more information and buy their copies from Amazon on March 28, 2023. 

About the Authors:

Together, co-authors Paul Templer and Rebecca M. Simons bring a unique blend of storytelling, resilience, and expertise to their international best-selling book “Marked for Life, Finding Grace and Grit Where You Least Expect It.” From surviving a hippopotamus attack to living through a divorce and the challenges of a global pandemic, their relatable experiences offer inspiring and accessible life lessons for readers of all backgrounds.

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