The New Coding Game App from Miimo Gives Kids A Chance To Play, Learn, and Grow

March 28 11:46 2023
Miimo is on a mission to promote social equality in education with the launch of their exciting new app that makes learning to code fun and engaging for kids. Children as young as five complete coding lessons to earn coins and use them to feed and grow their virtual pet Miimo. This blend of education and entertainment sets Miimo apart from the competition with the aim to prepare the next generation of kids for an exciting, tech-driven future.

Bangkok, Thailand – Miimo, a tech social enterprise, has just launched its app on App Store and Google Play. The AI-driven app teaches kids coding in a fun and interactive way. The company aims to promote social equality by creating high-quality, self-guided, and adaptive educational solutions at the most affordable price to prepare all children for the tech future.

According to a recent report by, there are 1.4 million computer-related jobs available in 2023, but only 400,000 are qualified computer science students in the United States. This means that the demand for coding skills is growing faster than the supply, creating a huge opportunity gap for kids who don’t have access to coding education. Miimo’s game aims to close this gap by providing coding education to kids as young as five years old at under five dollars a month.

“We believe every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background or where they live. Our app is designed to make coding education fun and accessible for kids everywhere so they can learn anytime and anywhere,” said David Jou, co-founder of Miimo.

With a rich storyline and gamified coding lessons, Miimo coders learn block-based coding without any assistance from adults. The game allows kids to learn coding by completing lessons and earning coins. They can feed these coins to their pet Miimo, which will grow and evolve. In the Sandbox area, kids can create their own animations and games with code blocks. They can also show off their skills on a leaderboard.

“Our game is not just about teaching kids how to code but also about helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills that are essential in the digital age. We want to empower kids to be creators, not just consumers, of technology,” added Jou.

Miimo’s app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. With its fun and interactive approach, Miimo hopes to inspire a new generation of young coders ready to take on the challenges of the future.

About Miimo:

Miimo is an EdTech startup passionate about leveling the playing field in the education sector. Eliminating rent and teaching staff expenses, Miimo was able to reduce the cost of coding education in Thailand by over 70%. Their goal is to empower kids worldwide with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital age, no matter their background or economic status. 

Through their innovative coding games for kids aged 5 – 10, Miimo aims to make learning fun, interactive, and accessible to all. Their team of experts has spent years developing high-quality, adaptive educational resources designed to prepare kids for the future. With a focus on affordability and inclusivity, Miimo is committed to positively impacting the world of education and coding.

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