Just Don’t Send Flowers Offers a Creative and Meaningful Way to Empower Cancer Patients

March 27 19:36 2023
Just Don’t Send Flowers offers care packages, get-well baskets, and other thoughtful gifts for cancer patients.

Just Don’t Send Flowers is taking a different approach to gift giving by going beyond the traditional gift of flowers and providing unique and thoughtful care packages specifically tailored for cancer patients. This approach offers a more personalized and meaningful gift option that considers cancer patients’ individual needs and challenges during their treatment and recovery.

“We offer unique gifts to say, ‘get well soon’ instead of flowers or fruit baskets,” says the team behind Just Don’t Send Flowers.

Cancer patients can have sensitivities to certain scents and chemicals found in flowers, cosmetics, perfumes and even foods, making them unsuitable gifts for many patients. Moreover, the spores that flowers and blooms may release can be harmful to those with weakened immune systems, which is common for those undergoing chemo and other cancer treatments.

Just Don’t Send Flowers’ curated gift packages make patients feel seen and heard during this difficult time. It provides them with practical and useful items, as well as inspirational messages that can help make their treatment and recovery more comfortable.

Gift options include Chemo Baskets and Cancer Care Packages containing handpicked items such as anti-nausea items, chicken soup, throw blankets, self-care sets, and tea packed inside of helpful tote bags with motivational messages. All of these are carefully chosen to provide patients – whether man, woman, or child – comfort and relief during their treatments and recovery journey.

To learn more about Just Don’t Send Flowers’ gift packages, click here: https://www.justdontsendflowers.com/.

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