Comparing the Arbitrum ARB airdrop and WEB3BOX airdrop

March 27 15:02 2023

On March 16, the Arbitrum Foundation announced that the native token ARB will be air-dropped to eligible wallet addresses on March 23rd.

At the beginning of March, WEB3BOX started airdropping WEB3BOX-PASS to wallets that hold high valued NFTs. Users who received WEB3BOX-PASS can activate the permission to purchase Genesis Mystery Box on the platform.


ARB Airdrop

Given that Optimism and Arbitrum both have similar Layer2 network technology stacks, we can refer to the native token OP of Optimism for analysis of ARB. According to Coingecko data, as of March 20th, the market capitalization of Optimism is approximately 839 million US dollars, the price of OP token is around 2.63 US dollars, and the circulating supply is 314.8 million US dollars. After the airdrop is completed on Thursday, there will be 1.275 billion ARB tokens entering the market, and the total supply of ARB tokens is 10 billion, indicating that the market circulation rate of ARB is 12.75%.

Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the token price by the circulating supply. Assuming that the valuation of ARB tokens is similar to that of OP tokens, then the current market capitalization of OP tokens (approximately 839 million US dollars) can be divided by the circulating supply of ARB (1.275 billion US dollars), thus giving an estimated price of 0.65 US dollars per ARB.

In addition to estimating by circulating supply, there is another way to calculate the total supply value. Taking Optimism as an example, the current OP token total supply is approximately 4.29 billion, and the total supply value of OP tokens is approximately 11.45 billion US dollars. The total supply value of tokens is calculated by multiplying the market price of tokens by the total supply. If the total supply value of ARB tokens is similar to that of Optimism, then the calculated ARB token price is approximately 1.15 US dollars – obtained by dividing the total supply value of OP tokens (11.45 billion US dollars) by the total supply of ARB tokens (10 billion).

According to DeFiLlama data, Arbitrum is the fourth largest chain in terms of locked volume, currently estimated at around $1.77 billion. In terms of other blockchain locked volumes, Ethereum ranks first with a scale of $29.1 billion, Tron and BSC rank second and third with $5.3 billion and $4.79 billion respectively, and Optimism’s locked volume is approximately $982.4 million. Based on the locked volume, we can value the ARB token through an indicator called the “TVL Ratio” which is calculated by dividing the locked volume by two projects (e.g. Arbitrum and Optimism) to measure the relative strength of liquidity in the two ecosystems. According to the calculation rule, the “TVL Ratio” of Arbitrum and Optimism is 1.8 (17.7/9.8), and if this number is multiplied by the token price derived from the above based on circulating volume valuation and total supply market value, the ARB token valuation can be estimated to be around $1.16 and $2.07 respectively.

In general, according to the above valuation analysis, the trading price of ARB tokens is likely to be between 0.64 US dollars and 2.07 US dollars, and most early Arbitrum users will be allocated 625 ARB tokens, which is equivalent to the value of the airdropped ARB tokens they can receive, ranging from 400 US dollars to 1,250 US dollars. In addition, some Arbitrum users can receive up to 10,250 ARB tokens, which means that about 4,400 wallets can receive ARB tokens with a value between 6,500 US dollars and 20,600 US dollars.

WEB3BOX Airdrop

WEB3BOX is a completely innovative DeFi Mystery box project, funded and operated independently in the form of DAO by top blockchain teams in the crypto circle. Users can get digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, $WT (WEB3BOX ecological token), as well as high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits in WEB3BOX.

The initial 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes contain 15% of the total $WT, which is 1 billion, so 15% is 150 million. The Genesis Mystery Box can be opened with a minimum of 30,000 $WT and a maximum of 10 million $WT, with an estimated value of between 2500 USDT and 100,000 USDT. After the 3,000 Genesis Blind Boxes are sold out, $WT will be listed on the exchange, with an estimated price of 1 $WT = 0.1 USDT. The airdrop has been ongoing and 370 Genesis Blind Boxes have been successfully sold.

AI: Don’t miss this one in a million chance of being airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS! Out of the 3 million users on OpenSea, only 10,000 wallets have been targeted for airdrops and once the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, all WEB3BOX-PASS will be automatically invalidated. The value of $WT will increase with the difficulty of acquisition, and early holders of $OKC will enjoy the bonus of price appreciation. For those who are not airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS, they can choose other mysterious blind boxes from WEB3BOX with 100% winning rate.

To ensure absolute fairness in the process of opening BOX, WEB3BOX will use a hash algorithm that cannot be reversed to ensure that the unboxing process is tamper-proof. The calculated value is the prize of this unboxing. For example: User A opens the WEB3BOX-Plus box, User A’s “My Seed” is “WEB3BOX”, the opening time point is UTC time 2023-03-03 06:01:23.563, corresponding timestamp 1677823283563, then use sha256 to calculate “OKBOX1677823283563”, the calculated hash value is 036b40c52a8f70b48ed4197dc4c36d181c1c208f78382ca1deb0497dce9ccf97; Finally, take the first 5 digits of the hash value, 036b4, convert to decimal to get the lottery value: 14004, if 14004 is within the range of OtherDeed’s prizes, User A will get the corresponding OtherDeed NFT.

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