Current Pending Patent Could Help Deangelo Singleton Create A Billion-Dollar Company Built Around Cryptocurrencies

December 10 21:53 2019
DeAngelo Singleton is in the process of creating a very powerful social network platform empowered by cryptocurrencies. Once completed, it would be a great resource around the world.

Easy Bitcoin Buddies has achieved a new milestone in its campaign to transform the world of cryptocurrency. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent application by DeAngelo Singleton, the Founder, and CEO of Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC. 

The pending patent (application number: 20190362323) would give DeAngelo Singleton and by extension Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC the exclusive right to have a social networking system that exports and imports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, EOS, Monero, etc. 

It would also provide the exclusive rights for a social network that gives the users the ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies between each other on the same platform. The pending patent has a priority date of May 22, 2018, which predates Facebook’s talks about getting into the cryptocurrency space.

“The overall goal is big, but right now I want to stay grounded and focus on the small steps. We must educate people about the cryptocurrency industry, get them to use our platform, and get our Easy Exchange Coins in the hands of as many people as we can before listing it on exchanges. That’s where my attention is, and things will grow from there,” said DeAngelo Singleton (Founder and CEO of Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC). 

Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC combines the cryptocurrency space, which has a $200 billion market cap (peaked around $850 billion in Jan of 2018) and the social network industry where the giant known as Facebook is valued around $580 billion. 

If DeAngelo Singleton’s currently pending patent gets issued, it could give him the edge needed to carve-out at least half a percent of the market controlled by Facebook while tapping into the future growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Provided that the factors go according to plan, DeAngelo Singleton can build Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC into a billion-dollar company.

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