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Horror/Issues Short Film DISPOSITION Premiering in Festivals

October 06
08:00 2018

Sara Malakul Lane stars in DISPOSITION
DISPOSITION is a short horror film directed by Eric Thirteen. The dark themes of depression and suicide are explored in an artistic format. This October, DISPOSITION will be screening at film festivals worldwide.

DISPOSITION is a new short horror film tackling difficult mental health issues, including depression and suicide. It was completed in early 2018 and will screen at film festivals worldwide. Its opening night is in Los Angeles at the Highland Park Film Festival in the Chills & Thrills Shorts Program on Friday, October 5th at the Highland Theater. The following week, on Saturday, October 13th, DISPOSITION will be screening in New York at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at the SLAYED Shorts Block. Then, it will continue to appear in festivals all over North America, including Canada, Nevada, Oregon, and many other locations.

The film stars Sara Malakul Lane (SUN CHOKE / BEYOND THE GATES) and Suziey Block (ENTRANCE). It’s directed by Eric Thirteen, producer of ROB ZOMBIE’S 31 and the 2018 Epic release DIRECTOR’S CUT. Trailer and festival dates are at

The description simply reads: A woman stalked by depression makes some extreme decisions.

Disposition features an array of completely-practical effects designed by Sheila Mia Seifi (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, CAPTAIN AMERICA) in a return to psychological horror films from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Eric Thirteen explains: “We want to take the extreme delights of today’s genre tropes and twist them back towards horror’s psychological past. The crowd-pleasing special effects in today’s horror comedies can also be powerful in drama and issues-driven movies. I love brutal, bloody cinema and I wanted to use it to talk about the things that haunt me personally.”

Cinematographer Will Barratt (HATCHET, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) was instrumental in portraying the weight of depression through light and visuals. An original score by Devin Johnson (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) uses a solo cello performance to voice the increasingly desperate thoughts of the central character. The film was also produced by Allison McGillicuddy, Buz Wallick and Lexi Love.

Disposition is the first film from Eric Thirteen and Sheila Mia Seifi’s independent studio Nightloop, where they’re currently developing several feature films.

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