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Atidium MVP DApp exclusive overview  –  GIF & Screenshots Preview

September 03
22:56 2018
The official launch of the Atidium payments & budget management EOS DApp MVP version

Atidium is the first payments and budget management Dapp on the EOS blockchain.

The Decentralized application developed and designed in order to help consumers and businesses around the world, adopt and use it easily and rapidly.

User Profile

The users will be able to add details to their profile such as: Photo, Age, Country, Hobbies, etc. This feature will prepare the ground for our social features such as the Atidium Explorer Score, Shared Wallet and encrypted Messaging. Atidium will never share that info without the user’s consent. Atidium takes security and data privacy as top priority.

Future Features

Atidium Debit Card

An international debit card will be used to make online and physical purchases. It can also be used in regular ATMs all over the world. Your debit card will sync with the Atidium DApp in real-time and will convert ATD to the local fiat currency.

AI Virtual Budget Advisor

At the touch of a button, the app will learn and advise the user how to manage and improve their day-to-day financial behavior. The AI Budget Management Advisor will be configured with Geo-targeted Push Notifications to give the user real-time tips and alerts.

Shared Wallet

Users will have the ability to create a shared digital wallet. The wallet will have different options for multiple uses. Friends, family members and co-workers now will have a customizable wallet to track spending and savings.

Atidium Network Map

The Atidium Network Map allows users to rate, review, and recommend businesses. It’s free for any business to join the Atidium Network Map and get customers. Businesses on the Atidium Network can choose to allow payments by ATD, straight from the DApp or choose to receive only debit card payments.

This will allow seamless interaction with existing businesses. The Atidium Network Map will be created and filled with businesses in a few different ways:

The Atidium Network Map will be created and filled businesses in few ways:

  1. By using information from ready data bases and connecting to business listings api’s
  2. Manually by users, who would like to share info or add a business to the map.

    Those users will be called “Atidium Explorers” and they will get rewarded with ATD tokens for their contributions.

Atidium Explorer

Anyone can become an Atidium Explorer. The rewards for the Atidium Explorers will be allocated from the Atidium Network Pool. This will allow the Atidium DApp and Debit card to make Smart Future Payment and restricting unwanted purchases if chosen to. Smart Future Payment will also allow the users to set a time limit for a payment and a pre-set amount.

Businesses Special Discount

Atidium users will be able to choose if they want to receive special discounts or not. Those special offers will directly fulfil the users budgeting plans. For example: Marry have set a budget of 100$ for buying shoes next month. The DApp will contact shoe stores near Marry and encourage them to make a special discount for woman’s shoes.

If Marry chose to allow the Atidium Network to share special discounts with her, she will see in her budget plan a “Featured” businesses located in her area, that are offering a special discount. This will help Marry save some ATD’s for next month.


Atidium users will be able to send encrypted messages to each other.


Business Model

Atidium’s business model will generate profit in multiple ways:

  1. A debit card with low transaction fees: Atidium will earn 0.5–1 percent from the merchant fee.
  2. Businesses who will be listed on the Atidium network map will be able to share special discounts for Atidium users. The business will pay Atidium a small fee per purchase (1%-3%).

Atidium Network Pool

50% of the profits will be allocated back to the community through the Atidium Network Pool. In order to receive a share of the pool, a user can become an Atidium Explorer or just hold ATD tokens and receive yearly dividends according to volume used by the token holder. Dividends can be claimed monthly with the “Claim Dividends” feature on the Atidium DApp.

Soon after the release of the MVP, we will work on implementing the Atidium Network Map and start the contribute & reward system. In this stage we will also start onboarding businesses to the Atidium Network, and the ATD token will be used in businesses around the world.
After the majority of businesses join the network, the budget plans, restrictions and allowances will become increasingly accurate.

Atidium’s token ATD is currently being traded at Big.One exchange:

Atidium’s Official Website:

Atidium’s English Telegram Channel:

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