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New and Interesting Alternative LED Display Technology – Rollable OLED and Mini LED wall

SHIRLEY – JAN 29TH, 2018 – My choice led, as one of the most professional LED display providers, offering the best quality of LED screens in the market in a wide range at the most affordable rates. Our LED screens are manufactured using the high-grade material to ensure premium quality, reliability, and durability. Currently, some new technology has been developed by professional companies of the led industry to accelerate the LED display development.

Rollable Display Developed by LG

65-inch OLED rollable display developed by LG company takes the same technology as the current ultra-high definition (4K) OLED panels. Meanwhile, it can be completely rolled up and hidden in boxes. The remote control allows consumers to expand the monitor to display basic information. The monitor can also be placed in a 21: 9 ratio which is great for watching movies. The version shown is displayed on a glass substrate, but it may be moved to plastic before it becomes a commercial product.

Micro LED technology offered by Samsung

Samsung has previously demonstrated its LED technology and has been applied to billboards, such as the oversized outdoor LED display for the gymnasium. This is, as the “light-emitted diode (LED)” part of the name implies, a self-emitting technology, as opposed to the backlit-driven technology in LCD sets. Unlike OLED technology, Samsung claimed it offers the perfect black of OLED, but can get more brightness and fewer off-axis color issues. Samsung has demonstrated that it has been able to downsize the LED to fit the technology of large home displays this year. The technology actually stacked many different LED modules together, but it is borderless so that consumers will not see the seams between the different modules.

Laser Projector by Hisense

Perhaps the only real competitor will be projection TVs, Hisense was really pushing its Laser TV line that uses laser lights and TI’s DLP technology. Currently, 100-inch version is available, and 80- and 88-inch versions also be introduced.

3D TVs

Due to the technology of 3D TVs does not gain acceptance, numbers of big vendors already moved away from this industry. Stream TV had developed a 65-inch 4K version, it is said that the features will be 8 million pixels. Although it’s probably still a niche technology, it accepted much attraction as an interesting technology.

New technology definitely will play a more important role in LED display industry than the products themselves. The further application of these techniques will make big steps for the development of LED display.

About LED display offered by My Choice LED

My Choice LED, as one of the best LED manufacturers on the market, offering the best quality of indoor LED screens in the market in a wide range at the most affordable rates. Our LED screens are manufactured using a high-grade material to ensure premium quality, reliability, and durability.

My choice LED dynamic indoor and outdoor high definition LED panels can be customized to any shape or size wall for your event needs.

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