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Sharing + New Payments, AGP Reshapes Global Cross-Border Business Ecosystem

When the wave of blockchains hits us, people who want to get in the car are gearing up for creative projects. However, there are only a handful of projects that want to cross-border commerce. On the one hand, the combination of blockchain and cross-border commerce poses challenges to the entrepreneurs; on the other hand, it lacks the courage to challenge the industry giants. However, a project called AGP was presented to the public in 2018 by the first year of the blockchain, not only from the old cross-border electricity suppliers, but also to reshape the global cross-border business ecosystem.


AGP turned out to be the three major pain points

1) Small business platform no traffic. The big traffic has been monopolized by giants such as Amazon and Ali. The small and medium-sized e-commerce platform established in the vertical area has quite scarce traffic and there will be less traffic without traffic.

2) Annoying cross-border payment. Cross-border e-commerce has done have a common feeling that cross-border payments in the current environment there is security can not be guaranteed, the high cost of the rate of consumption, the shortcomings of cash withdrawal. However, it is difficult to fundamentally change the existing economic system and the financial environment.

3) Difficult to trace the source of goods logo. For consumers, cross-border shopping takes a big risk because it is by no means a good experience to know whether to buy genuine or counterfeit goods. This is a major pain point of global cross-border commerce.

Share + new payment how to solve pain?

It is understood that the global B2C cross-border commercial transactions by 2020, will reach nearly 800 billion US dollars of the body, such a potential market, if cross-border commercial problems can be solved, will compete for more markets Share. And AGP from the perspective of system reform, given a “shared + new payment” solution.

In order to complete AGP sharing and new payment strategy deployment, the first step the team took was to set up an AGP backbone based on blockchain technology and then invite small and medium sized vertical cross-border businesses across the globe to be sidechain Backbone, thus creating an ecosystem of multi-category cross-border business traffic sharing. Electricity-based E-commerce will bring transformation to apparel-based E-commerce. On the contrary, apparel-based E-commerce will also bring traffic to E-commerce. This formed a multi-win-win benign ecology.

For the electricity supplier in the same field, AGP will solve the dispute arising from the different conversion of the flow through smart contracts. For example: selling children’s clothing business to bring women to bring 100 conversion, but selling women’s electricity supplier, only to bring children’s clothing has brought about 80 conversions, the two sides can be reached through an agreement to both satisfaction .

At the same time, the electricity providers who enter the AGP main chain will also share their own logistics and warehousing resources so as to maximize the value of their respective resources and make the logistics of the world smoother. This will not only enhance consumers’ experience but also reduce the cost of the electricity supplier . More crucially, through the traceability of blockchain, the phenomenon of selling fake goods and selling fake goods in cross-border transactions can be avoided.

Unlike the new retail models now being created by Alibaba and, AGP forms a new payment model for cross-border commerce by sharing, integrating and creating new formats of cross-border commerce.

Digital currency finishes smooth cross-border commerce worldwide payment

The current traditional cross-border payment methods have longer liquidation time, higher handling fees and sometimes cross-border funding risks resulting from cross-border payment fraud. In order to solve this pain point, AGP blockchain can be said to have brought about an upgrade of cross-border business operations. E-commerce providers can quickly pay for P2P services through the digital currency of AGP, which can effectively promote the development of cross-border business.

In order to be able to adapt cross-border commerce to new payment methods, in the first phase, the e-commerce platform could be sold in both AGP digital currencies and also in the legal currency of the host country.

AGP is already in action

Blockchain has now become an industry project attracting much attention from all over the world. As a result, a global race rally has been formed. Who can get to the ground as soon as possible will win the first chance and grab more market. Although cross-border commerce in this area, Ali, Amazon and other platforms are also in action, however, this sharing model is that they can not be copied because their flow can not be shared, the same logistics resources will not be shared, which determines What they can do is perfect with the blockchain, optimize their own business.

For starters, there are no AGP competing products on the track. In taking the lead in the same time, AGP is also active. On the one hand is to create a good team, including more than 10 years of experience in payment and trading system design and architecture, early Bitcoin participant Maxim Manturov; has worked for paypal payment company, with 12 years of development experience, involved in the development and management of too many Peter Kalambet, who paid for the project, and AGP, a technology developer and operating elite who has worked for Amazon Business, Alexander Kucherov in charge of global business sourcing, product selection and operations.

In addition to team building, AGP has also reached a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Excellent purchase mall, where AGP tokens are already available for sale and purchase. In the actual landing, has taken a very good step.

At present, the ecological environment of cross-border commerce is in full swing. This gives the blockchain an opportunity to apply to cross-border commerce. It can not only share the traffic but also save costs and improve the consumer experience, Cross-border payments become fast and smooth, AGP’s future is worth the wait.

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