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Google Inc. Helps Create a Positive Future for Children in America & Around the World

Dallas, TX – As a result of its In-Kind donations to Hope for Children Foundation, Google Inc., is helping to create a positive future for children and families, not just in the U.S., but around the world too. Hope for Children Foundation is located in Dallas, TX and offers free services to citizens in all fifty states, and globally, through the power of the Internet.

Google, Inc. has been supporting the mission of Hope for Children Foundation since 2014, by making significant donations to the cause – approximately $830,000 to date. The In-Kind donations from Google Inc. are projected to grow into a market value of about $1,270,000 by Christmas, 2018. This amount includes approximate grant totals from 2014 up to the end of 2018.  

Hope for Children Foundation spokesperson Patricia Kirby says, “Google Inc’s donations make a huge difference in what can be accomplished for children”.

“We sincerely thank the employees, management and worldwide staff of Google Inc. for helping us support the most vulnerable members of society…our children. Your generous donations show that you really care!”

Hope for Children Foundation is an acknowledged leader as a children’s charity in America. The Foundation has provided a variety of services since 1998, including educational services to state and federal law enforcement personnel, medical professionals, judges, attorneys, probation officers as well as the public on the topic of child abuse prevention and related issues. Child abuse prevention events are hosted multiple times throughout the year by Hope for Children Foundation.

The Hope for Children Foundation Website offers free training videos. Many of the free training videos are provided to state and federal law enforcement officers, child protection services workers, medical professionals, judges and other first responders. These are also provided free to the general public. To access these videos, click on ‘Training,’ then ‘Training Videos’ in the Menu Bar.

According to Kirby, some of the videos cover important information about domestic violence.

“Some of them talk about healing steps for victims and their families. Other videos explain how to better protect children and adults from crimes of domestic violence – including abuse prevention. Elderly abuse help is also available, since sometimes a child may be in the same home,” she explains.  Other educational topics include human trafficking, the investigation and prosecution procedures surrounding abuse to children and adults, plus many other topics.

Website tracking analytics reports show that the Hope for Children Foundation website has a national and global presence, andis viewed by some people from all 50 states in the U.S. as well as over 40 different foreign countries. 

About the Board of Directors and National Advisory Board

Hope for Children Foundation has been recognized by state and federal governments, including but not limited to the U.S. Justice Department, Office of Justice Programs, and Violence Against Women Office. The Violence Against Women Act, offers protection to women, children and men on a federal level. One of Hope for Children Foundation’s board of director members lives in California. The remaining four directors live in the Dallas area. The National Advisory Board is comprised of 12 people from many parts of the U.S.A: Boston, MA, Charleston, SC, Harford, CT, New York, NY, Washington D.C., Dallas, TX, Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, Jacksonville, FL, and Durham, NC.

For more information, visit the website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Hope for Children Foundation
Contact Person: Patricia Kirby
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (214) 382-4673
City: Dallas
State: TX
Country: United States


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