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Reliable Transportation Link Providing Service to US and Canada

Truck, warehouse, refrigerated shipping and more from Canada based company

Not all shipments are created equal. There are different needs and wants of the shipper, the receiver of the shipment, and any storage in between. Knowing what you need and being able to communicate that in a way in which you get it are two different things. Many companies have specialties. Companies that deploy armoured shipments may not have the trucks for a refrigerated shipment. There may not be a plan for storage if that is an issue that arises or even if that was the plan all along.

Reliable Transportation Link ( provides a consultation to determine what your shipping and storage needs will be. They have the experience necessary to help you with the decision and the execution. You can start the process online with a simple quote form that gives the transportation specialist a starting off point. You have a busy life so all of the important information will be in front of them just in case it is not in front of you.

With a unique business model that takes into consideration the economy and price of services, customers can be assured that they are getting the best price. Because your specialist will have access to all transportation models customers know that they are not being sold on something that is not right for them so that the company can make money. With this business model, there is peace of mind that what you get is what you see. With transparency in mind, delays will be noted and full efforts will be made to contact the customer.

Reliable Transportation Link has its own warehousing so customers know where their items will be stored and the conditions they will be stored in. Transporting freight across the border can be a hassle and thus a deterrent for many companies to take a job. RTL takes care of all of that for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want, where you want something to go, and sit back and relax. RTL has you covered.

With confusing legal language and doublespeak being the norm, take some of the guesswork out of this already labour-intensive process. Dedicated trucking means that your items are being shipped by RTL and not added to someone else’s shipment. This lessens confusion and even if something does get misplaced or damaged there is no dispute over who is at fault. This makes recouping your losses easier.

About Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable Transportation Link has a mission to provide its customers with the highest quality shipping and customer service possible. With real-time tracking, there is never a question as to where your items are. Peace of mind is important for a move or a remodel. Knowing that your items are safe during the remodel and will be delivered back to you in a timely fashion can make the experience less daunting. Let Reliable Transportation Link provide you with the best care out there. Contact us today for your quote.

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