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Airwheel is committed to making the public enjoy the tech advancement in the simplest way

The moment it enters the 2-wheeled electric scooter market, Airwheel is committed to making the public enjoy the tech advancement in the simplest way. Also, Airwheel motorized scooter attaches great importance to the feedback of riders and keeps upgrading its products.

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Do you know the meaning of the logo — Airwheel electric hoverboard? It contains two words — Air and Wheel. The Air refers to the fresh air we cannot live without. Literally, wheel means the company’s main business line. Further, wheel is rotating, on behalf of the keeping moving forward the spirit of human. With years’ development, it has grown into a leader in the portable intelligent transportation industry and it is letting more and more lead a free intelligent life.

Airwheel R6

The most important reason is Airwheel electric hoverboard focuses on the safe design, durable, user-friendly products, and Airwheel mars rover combines modern minimalist product style with elegant and excellent performance. No matter in the material application, functional design, security and other aspects, Airwheel considers them all. The company targets 168 countries around the world spanning 30 million customers. Airwheel  Smart Electric Bike is electrically powered designed for people to travel in and around the city. It is built as a light weight machine to make it foldable for portability and to allow it to pass through narrow urban spaces and traffic jams.

Airwheel C8

In addition to the smart electric scooter, Airwheel enriches its products, by releasing cool motorcycle helmets C6 and C8, automatic electric wheelchair H3 and self-balancing chair A6S. Also, the most popular series is the R series of electric assist bike. R series are more conventional looking version either of the electrically powered bicycle that allows the users to ride with using pedals normally or by its electric assist. The bike can be used on man-powered mode, electricity-assisted mode and power-assisted mode, except the R6 with two ride modes—man-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode. Being an actual bike, it would be allowed in an actual bike lane.

Airwheel H3S

Airwheel smart electric scooter is drawing on the views of customers and their own innovative ways to improve the user’s experience continuously. It has developed its smartphone app and daw out the sidebar, users can check information about battery, speed, mileage, voltage, attitude, help and support.

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