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Elchanan Ogorek teaches the importance of gratefulness and mindfulness in his new book, The Present is a Gift

Children’s book author, Elchanan Ogorek, releases his new book titled The Present is a Gift, where he teaches kids and adults the importance of being grateful and living in the moment.

The Present is a Gift is the latest work from author of children’s book, Elchanan Ogorek. In the exciting picture book, Elchanan teaches mindfulness and the importance of showing appreciation by using animals and yoga poses. The book is particularly unique yet effective, as it teaches these concepts in a fun, interesting, yet easy-to-understand way, through the observation of animals practicing yoga.

It is easier for children to learn due to the receptive nature of their brains at that tender age. However, while children are taught colors, alphabets and numbers at school, too much attention has not been paid to teaching the kids social values and other such subjects. While the lack of adequate texts to support the teaching of these subjects is a reason for the gap, available texts have also been discovered not to have the appropriate content to teach kids in a way that will allow for easy understanding.

This is where picture books like The Present is a Gift are particularly helpful, as the book uses pictures and children’s curiosity towards animals to not only teach the need for appreciation and appreciation using animals, but actually does this in a way that anyone and everyone can easily relate with without cumbersome grammar or boring texts.

The important lessons Elchanan aims to teach in the book is the importance of being proud of oneself, staying focuses, remaining curious, and paying attention to the seemingly little things. The book also hopes to teach the need to not rush things as well as fully accepting oneself without feeling inferior to others.

The end pages of the book also contain yoga poses of each animal, helping to retain the attention of readers. Some of the animals featured in the book include the sloth, wolf, turtle, bear, squirrel, and cat.

More information about the book and other works from Elchanan Ogorek can be found on Facebook.

About Elchanan Ogorek

Elchanan Ogorek is an author and yogi. While recently turning on to yoga a few years ago, Ogorek fully realizes the benefits of practice and has implemented the practice in all aspects of his life including writing. His latest book, AsBsCs Oh My! takes kids and other such readers on an adventure of wildlife while teaching the alphabets in a fun and exciting way.

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