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Get the Best Craft Beverages on Tap from Craft on Draft

Ontario, Canada Nothing compares to the experience of savoring the authentic and one-of-a-kind taste of craft beverages on tap. The rich variety of delicious flavors to choose from makes any one of these beverages an exciting companion any day or on special occasions. Craft on Draft is a full-service program designed to give people access to mouthwatering craft beverages on tap.

“We decided to get Station Cold Brew for our office in the dead of winter. Sometimes the weirdest decisions turn out to be the best! We take our coffee pretty seriously in our office, so it’s a big deal to say that our whole team absolutely loves it – we’re guzzling a keg a week! Our guests are loving it too – it’s very impressive. Station gave us thorough tutorials on how to handle the kegerator, and it’s super easy. The customer service has been fantastic and delivery has been so speedy and reliable. It’s funny, we can’t really remember our office without it now,” says Stephanie from Hubba.

Craft on Draft’s program is founded on the belief that people from all walks of life deserve to be given an opportunity to taste the unique blend of craft beverages as intended by the manufacturer. The company’s selection includes cold brew coffee, ice tea, kombucha, craft soda, and fresh juice.

The sources of these beverages are Station Cold Brew, GT’s Kombucha, Tonico Kombucha, and Village Juicery. Station Cold Brew features New Orleans Style, Nitro Cold Brew, and Coconut Nitro Cold Brew flavors. GT’s Kombucha comes in Trilogy and Ginger flavors. Tonica Kombucha comes in ginger, blueberry, peach, green tea, mango, jasmine, and original flavors. Village Juicery provides Yerba Matte, Chaga Cider, and Ginger Beer flavors.

Clients have three varieties of Craft on Draft kegerators to choose from. The Single can serve 30 to 50 people, The Double can pour for 50 to 100 people and The Quad is good for more than 100 individuals.

Craft beverages, according to The Brewers Association, are beverages that are produced small-scale, traditionally, and independently. There is a rich variety of benefits that can be gained from consuming craft beverages and craft beer. Some of these benefits include decreasing the risk of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, a lower risk of arthritic conditions, and lower cholesterol level by raising high-density lipoprotein, to mention a few.    

For more information, Craft on Draft may be reached at (647) 402-3236 or you can simply send inquiries to [email protected]

Learn more about the company’s other services by visiting their website:

The office is located at 300 Campbell Ave., Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 3V6.

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Company Name: Craft on Draft
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