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Best Quality Drone for Agricultural Spraying Operation Now Available At Affordable Prices

ZHAN JIANG ZHONG LONG Network Technology Co. Ltd now brings crop sprayer agriculture drones that can be used for agricultural plant protection operations and which also save a lot of time and efforts.

Now, drones can be used for crop spraying and other plant protection activities. China based ZHAN JIANG ZHONG LONG Network Technology Co. Ltd brings easy to operate and quality drones that farmers can use to spray on their plants in a periodic manner to protect it from pests and fungus.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the crop sprayer agriculture drone has been designed to save farmers from their manual efforts and drudgery. “Farmers often used to carry heavy sprayers on their back to spray their crops to protect it from insects, pests and fungus. Now, the new remote controlled UAV drone will do the spraying work for them and will save their time and money as well,” the spokesperson states. Instead of spraying plants manually, which is a very time consuming process, a GPS enabled drone will easily and quickly spray crops in a given area.

Best Quality Drone for Agricultural Spraying Operation Now Available At Affordable Prices

The company has different types of agricultural drones that farmers and cultivators can choose for the protection of various crops and plants in their fields. A precision agriculture drone can carry an ample amount of pesticides and can spread uniformly over an area for plant protection. These are battery powered drones that can fly for a significant amount of time for carrying the pesticide spraying work. The lithium-ion battery can charge in 30 minutes, allowing the drone to cover a large area and spray pesticides in up to 7 hectares per hour.

The spokesperson reveals that the drone for Agricultural spraying operation has been designed by the professional UAV designers using the carbon fiber material. The drone is durable and can efficiently do its work. One can feed the automatic flying routes for spraying and the drone will return automatically after completing the task. The drone has been designed for the fixed-height flying and will return to the operator when out of control.

The spokesperson maintains that the crop protection drone has been designed with several astounding features that make it a futuristic crop protection gadget to be used by the farmers. To know more about the drone, one can visit the website

About ZHAN JIANG ZHONG LONG Network Technology Co. Ltd

The company provides Plant Protection Drones, used for agriculture and forestry plant protection operations. These Drones always consist of three main parts: flight platforms (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight controlled and spraying mechanism.  Available at affordable prices, the company offers remote controlled or GPS flight controlled drones to be used in the spraying operation. 

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