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Leading independent iGaming Company, AXL Affiliates, acquires one of the world’s biggest digital advertising companies in a record-breaking deal estimated at £22 million

ATTARD, MALTANovember 20, 2017-AXL Affiliates Ltd isone of the leading independent iGamingcompanies in the world. The EU-based company recently announced the acquisition of ASTUTE MEDIA LTD as well as all the 12 subsidiary companiesof the firm. ASTUTE MEDIA LTD is a global advertising platform, ranked as one of the biggest digital advertising companies in the world.Astute Media delivers more than 900 million ad impressions dailythrough its twelve subsidiaries.

The recent acquisition estimated to cost around £22 million is part of purchase will help AXL Affiliates’ expansion, helping the companyto reach new markets and territories. This consequently helps to strengthen the company’s leading position in the sports betting affiliate sector.

The above claim was further reiterated by the company’s founder and president, Alex Munteanu.

“With this amazing acquisition, by far our biggest one so far, we are reaching new heights in our quest for becoming the leading iGaming Affiliate Company in the world. AXL Affiliates is a fast-growing company, and I am confident that this acquisition willdouble the leads that we are delivering to our iGaming partners,” says Alex Munteanu, Founder, and President of AXL Affiliates.

The acquisition of ASTUTE MEDIA LTD for the record-breaking amount of £22 million is a major milestone achieved by the iGaming company, ensuring the company possesses all the necessary resources to become the world’s biggest sports betting Affiliate Company. The recent acquisition by AXL affiliates will also open new business doors for the company, especially for its expansion and a possible IPO.

“As a result of this acquisition, in the coming weeks, AXL Affiliates will send 10x more traffic to its partners. Our expectations are that by mid-2018 the AXL group will be able to organically send more than 25,000 leads per month,” says Alex Munteanu, Founder, and President of AXL Affiliates.

The company aims to strengthen its position as one of Europe’s leading betting affiliate. This is underlined by the gaming company’s acquisition of UK-based TipsBetting Media Ltd for £260,000 earlier this year. AXL also acquired, sports affiliate website in a record deal of €1.15 million.

AXL’s grip on the iGaming sector cannot be overemphasized, as it currently delivers more than 6000 NDC’s monthly fromitsnetwork of over 2000gaming as well as the company’s sports-related websites. This underlines why it remains one of the biggest companies in the sector.

More information about the company and its recent acquisitions can be found on the website or by contacting Melvin Simpson by email at [email protected]

About AXL Affiliates

AXL Affiliates is an independent iGaming company based in Europe. The iGaming giant has dominated the sector over the years with its wide range of quality services that have made the company of one the leading iGaming companies not only in Europe but across the globe.

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