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Lightning Ammo announces the launch of a new product, the NEW Brass Jugs

Popular manufacturer of Bullets, Lightning Ammo, releases a new product with the launch of its new Brass Jugs

Lightning Ammo is a division of Kluhsman Machine, known for manufacturing muzzle compensators for both AR15 and AK47 rifles. The company recently announced the launch of its new product, the New Brass Jug, containing reconditioned, fired brass, sized and ready-to-load and the 40 S+W casings also roll-sized.

Getting quality ammunition at affordable rates has not been particularly easy. While some people have been lucky to get quality ammunition at relatively high prices, others have not been so lucky and have often fell victims of fraudsters that claim to be suppliers of ammunition. Competitive shooters have particularly found it difficult to get their preferred ammunition at good prices. However, the recent launch of Lightning Ammo as a division of Kluhsman Machine has changed the ammunition market not only in Lockwood but across the United States.

Lightning Ammo bullets have been described by many as a perfect combination of quality and affordability, with a wide range of ammunition allowing users, especially competitive shooters to get quality bullets at the right rates.

The recent product launch by Lightning Ammo reiterates the company’s desire to ensure users of ammunition are effectively catered to, without having to break the bank. The jugs are particularly designed to allow users to easily carry the casings anywhere and everywhere, with its portability allowing it to fit into any backpack.

The jugs contain reconditioned, fired brass, with the pistol brass de-primed, sized and ready-to-load. The 40 S+W casings from Lightning Ammo are also roll-sized. The rifle brass is de-primed, swaged or reamed, full length sized, trimmed, cleaned, inspected and ready-to-load.

Lightning Ammo hopes to bring the highest quality products to the market, striving to update and exceed the expectations of customers. Consequently, several lightning ammo bullets reviews have poured in for the ammunitions manufacturer.

Lightning Ammo has also been featured on Fox Business News Network in a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the company as well as at KRC Racing. Lightning Ammo also strives to improve on her strides by constantly adding to the 3-Gun team.

About Lightning Ammo

Lightning Ammo is a division of Kluhsman Machine, Inc. Kluhsman Machine, Inc specializes in the race industry (KRC / Kluhsman Racing Components) for more than three decades. The recent launch of Lightning Ammo brings the company into the ammunition world.

Lightning Ammo hopes to provide the highest quality bullets, and subsequently make them available at competitive prices to distributors and users of ammunitions. Lightning Ammo manufactures muzzle compensators for both AR15 and AK47 rifles. Some of line of bullets from Lightning Ammo includes the .22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 55 grain, FMJ-BT with cannelure, as well as 35 precision hard cast bullets/cowboy bullets.

Media Contact
Company Name: Lightning Ammo
Contact Person: Sharon Kluhsman
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-881-1668
Address:478 West Dade 142 Lockwood, MO 65682
Country: United States


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