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Lab Sensor Solutions Announces TForce Strategic Partnership

TForce Offers T-Tracks to Customers to Monitor Perishable Shipments

REDWOOD CITY, CA – 7 Nov, 2017 – Lab Sensor Solutions, a provider of real-time temperature and location solutions is pleased to announce that TForce has selected T-Tracks as their solution to monitor perishable shipments while in transit.

“TForce is a leader in logistics and we’re so happy they selected our T-Tracks solution to monitor the temperature and location of their sensitive shipments,” said Geoff Zawolkow, CEO of Lab Sensor Solutions. “TForce is a wonderful strategic partner that is committed to quality and continuous process improvements.”

Perishables Need Real-Time Monitoring

Perishables, such as blood samples, pharmaceuticals, and fresh food, need real-time monitoring of the temperature and location of perishables so that they don’t spoil. This capability is essential for today’s fast-paced logistical environments where on-demand delivery of perishables is accelerating. It’s this trend that makes it essential for real-time systems that can tell customers where their perishables are and if they were kept at the right conditions.

“Our customers have been asking for the T-Tracks capability for some time now,” said Scott Leveridge, President of TForce. “This new capability will allow up to give our customers the peace of mind they have been asking for and we believe the technology can apply to many other logistics applications.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring is Critical for Perishables

Perishables are especially sensitive to temperature swings and thus it important that conditions be monitored in real-time to ensure that temperature extremes are avoided. This is particularly important when the perishables are medical samples, vaccines, or pharmaceuticals since those perishables are used to diagnose and treat disease. Lab Sensor Solutions in their recent study with TriCore Clinical Laboratory showed similar results to the deployment with TForce. Both deployments underscore the importance of a quantitative approach to perishable integrity instead of the old methods of relying on a validated process without monitoring.

About Lab Sensor Solutions

Lab Sensor Solutions’ mission is to improve lives through the use of real-time sensor technology. We deliver real-time information on healthcare assets so our customers can monitor, report and act to assure items are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.

About TForce

TForce is North America’s premier provider of Final Mile logistics solutions specializing in Same-Day and time critical transportation services.

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