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Daydao developing the standard for small business management models

The Up-and-coming startup uses a people model to increase competitive strength by eliminating inefficiencies in data transfer to maximize productivity.

FLORIDA – July 14, 2017 – According to a study by The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), there are currently 28,000,000+ small to medium-sized businesses in the United States. Due to a lack of manpower and budget, many of these small and medium-sized businesses struggle to fully standardize and streamline their business management models. Without a designated human resources department, managers of these companies often struggle to keep track of employee attendance and performance, therefore wasting a lot of time on scheduling and attendance supervision.

Daydao realized the enormous amount of potential in the market of small to medium-sized businesses, using a cloud HR management solution to resolve the two most pressing issues plaguing businesses–employee management and payroll. Managers of small to medium-sized businesses will only need to pay a minimal monthly rate to enjoy Daydao’s one-stop services that include but are not limited to employee information management, electronic scheduling, mobile attendance, and an automated salary calculation. Additionally, a company’s data is automatically stored in a secure cloud platform that is accessible and safe forever. Managers no longer need to worry about the management of complex data and difficulty of supervising attendance. Employees can also access their own attendance records and payment information, reducing conflict with more transparency.

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Jessie Lu, the founder of Daydao explains, “We wish to build an online management platform so small to medium-sized businesses owners and managers can streamline their complicated administrative processes without breaking the bank. Our goal is for small and medium-sized business owners and managers to really save overall operating costs by using our services to more efficiently manage those time consuming but important daily and weekly ‘employee management’ tasks. So rather than taking time away from strategizing because an employee was late, absent or has a pay dispute, we want owners and managers to focus their efforts on what’s needed for continued growth of their company. The financial and manpower costs for a small to medium-sized business to develop a full human resources management system can be overwhelming. Daydao can provide an affordable software solution that will meet and exceed their administrative needs and demands as we operate on a pay-as-needed basis. We are extremely confident that businesses will see an immediate positive impact on their bottom line and overall development by implementing our products, systems and one-stop-shop services.”

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After at least six months of dedicated research and development by the Daydao team, they finally launched the beta version of Daydao U.S. in May of 2017. This product is accessible both on PC and most mobile devices. Current available functions include company and employee information management, company structure customization, scheduling, mobile location-based clocking in and attendance, time off and PTO management, and payroll in a user-friendly interface to help maximize employee and management productivity.

According to an informed source, Daydao has their sights set on much more than just making a SaaS-based management software. They are also collaborating with third-party software support such as the popular QuickBooks to release systems including CRM(Customer Relations Management), SCM(Supply Chain Management), and OA(Office Automation) in the future. Creating a cloud-based PaaS ecosystem as such will allow customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing an application. Daydao’s ultimate goal is to help reduce data transfer and switching times between different systems, creating a cohesive interface to maximize efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses.

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