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Local dairy launches first ever Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese

A Wooster-based Hartzler Family Dairy is set to introduce America’s first Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese.

Wooster, OH – June 30, 2017 – A small local dairy is all set to dawn in a new day in the modern dairy industry. Wooster-based Hartzler Family Dairy is hoping to disrupt the market with its introduction of the country’s first Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese. The product will be immediately released to the local market this week.

The dairy also plans to introduce its latest product to the national market later this year at Expo East 2017 (Booth #4310), Baltimore, MD. The Expo is slated for Sept 14-16, 2017. Hartzler Family Dairy is Ohio’s only Non-GMO Project Verified Dairy which has been offering the most natural, healthiest and tastiest milk possible in 200+ locations across the Ohio for over 20 years now.

“We are proud to announce that we have produced America’s first Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese. We partnered with with a local co-packer to produce our product, using milk from our small family farms. We know consumers are increasingly looking for healthy food choices for the well-being of their family. Thus, we decided to make our own healthy Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese, which, as with all our products is ‘as nature intended’.”.We are offering a truly local snack option that consumers can feel good about feeding their family and supporting a small local dairy,” stated Paul Sommers, the President of Hartzler Family Dairy.

“We are confident that our new offering will make a great addition to our current product line, and have broad market appeal in markets that we currently do not serve,” he added in.

Hartzler Family Dairy was founded by Harold Hartzler, a true visionary and one of those rare human beings who actually cared for fellow men. It was in 1964 when he decided to stop the usage of chemical pesticides, artificial growth hormones and herbicides in his own farm. He noticed how a neighboring farm was devastated by a chemical run-off after a huge storm. It made him realize that if chemicals could have such dangerous effect for fields, they would be even more heinous for humans who consume food derived from those fields or farms. It prompted him to discard all chemical pesticides and herbicides and he immediately went back to natural farming with the help of air, water, sunshine and earthworms.

To this day, Hartzler Family Dairy follows his principles at the core of all the dairy products offered by Hartzler Family Dairy. These include milk, butter, egg nog, ice-cream and the new Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese. The dairy follows the most minimal processing of milk to retain the “natural” benefits. 

“We use low-temperature vat pasteurization which ensures our milk gets to retain most of the enzymes that are vital for good health and easy digestion. We also offer milk in glass bottles to keep it cool and fresh. Moreover, plastic bottles leak harmful chemicals in milk but there is no such worries with glass ones. As our bottles are returnable, it helps us and our customers to do our bit with recycling.”

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Media Contact
Company Name: Hartzler Family Dairy
Contact Person: Paul Sommers
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 330.345.8190
Address:5454 Cleveland Road
City: Wooster
State: OH 44691
Country: United States


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