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popRing: Moissanite is the new popular choice of engagement ring

POPRING company shows the moissanite ring becomes a new popular choice. However,Moissanite has different shapes. How to choose the most suitable style for ourselves? Here are the introduces from them.

Many people would like to buy a ring to express love to the loved one. POPRING company shows the moissanite ring becomes a new popular choice.

However, Moissanite has different shapes. How to choose the most suitable style for ourselves? Here are the introduces from them.

Round Cut

1. Classic style –

Round moissanite ring with Classic Halo from POPRING.

popring moissanite ring

Round cut is the best-selling shape of moissanite, as standard round brilliant cutting with 57 facets which is the brightest, but also the most classic diamond cutting method, to maximize the moissanite into the light reflection.

Round cut stone with classic halo, 4-prong set, diamonds pave band, this classic design with “perfect” significance that’s why it’s the most popular style among the moissanite engagement rings.

2. Solitaire Ring with art deco band.

Antique design, art deco band make the solitaire more attractive. Comparing with classic style, it’s such vintage, elegant and stylish. It’s hot because of its unique.

3. 6 prongs design

Solitaire Moissanite in 6-prong design setting, 4 tiny diamonds on each side although the top 2 of each side is considerably smaller to make the tapered look. These characteristic make the entire ring more unique and highlight the feminine beauty.

Oval Cut

Solitaire moissanite engagement ring

Solitaire moissanite with plain gold band, it looks like an egg, which symbolizes life in endless succession, even thought it’s simple, more people like its personality and domineering.

Oval moissanite has the same brilliance as the round shape, and its length more likely to highlight the ladies’ fingers slim.

If you don’t like the simple look, maybe you will love the one With diamonds around the center stone and pave on the band, to make rich and bright. Or you may like other gemstone engagement rings.

Pear Cut (Tear drop cut)

Someone more like pear cut rather than oval cut, it can show the elegant and calm personality, it does not retain the gorgeous luster of the round shape, but it is more unique in the form.

Cushion Cut

Cushion moissanite with Floral Halo, if you like vintage style, please do not miss it. It’s beautiful ladies’ dreamy engagement ring. It’s such beautiful, with noble.

Emerald Cut

This is a retro and reserved style, if you’re a maverick person, maybe the emerald cut is a different choice. If you like more brilliant stone, radiant cut moissanite from popring would more fit with you.

Heart shaped Cut

Heart-shaped cut has been enough to touch the girl heart. A ring with heart-shaped brilliant moissanite, you can imagine, no girl will refuse it.

Princess Cut

Princess cut moissanite can fit well with any styles. When it was set in an antique setting, it looks adorable, instead of dull look. This design can create a larger size of the visual illusion.

About popRing:

Located in Sydney, Australia, specializing in gemstone engagement rings, engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal set for 15 years. Emi Peng is the chief jewelry designer in the team.

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