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The latest in diaper technology is here: Cute Seal

Parents searching for the ultimate disposable diaper take notice.

It’s called Cute Seal (, made by a Canadian company in Vancouver. The diapers are now available in Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, and a global product launch is upcoming.

The company, which showcased its products at the 2016 Vancouver International Fashion Week, claims that the diapers are softer, more comfortable and prevent diaper rash. In addition, Cute Seal diapers feature a three-dimensional soft waistband that fits the contour of the baby’s bottom and a special urine detection system that indicates when a change is necessary.

All Cute Seal products have passed stringent tests for quality and received numerous international certifications.

What makes these diapers so comfortable? They use an ultra-thin polymer core structure, which promotes fast absorption, and an inner film that breathes so the baby’s skin stays clean, dry and refreshed. The Cute Seal diaper also makes use of a three-dimensional, double-sided leak-proof design that prevents side leakage.

The inner part of the diaper is an uneven pearl surface, which minimizes direct skin contact and maximizes air circulation. The slightly bumpy service also provides a gentle massage, promoting blood circulation.

Cute Seal also offers baby wipes and tissues that are specially made for young children.

Four sizes of diapers are available for babies (newborn, small, medium, large, extra-large) as well as “cute pants” diapers for children age 1-5. The “cute pants,” designed for nighttime use, are available in large, extra large and extra-extra large.

“The combination of a new design and new materials makes for a truly comfortable diaper,” said a company spokesperson. “We received calls and e-mails from many satisfied parents who tell us that incidences of diaper rash are almost nonexistent. We’ve also heard from many parents whose babies have experienced allergic reaction to other products, but not ours.”

The design and technology of Cute Seal diapers are evolving and the company is working on an improved model that utilizes an innovative surface layer that is even more comfortable than the current product.

For additional information visit the Cute Seal website ( or contact Cute Seal at [email protected] or 888-673-4363.

For details about partnership opportunities, contact Cute Seal at [email protected].

Photos from: Cute Seal 

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Company Name: Cute Seal
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Email: [email protected]
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada


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