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Sir Soapy interviews Anne Marie of Soap Queen

SIR SOAPY, interviews Anne Marie of Soap Queen who is also a veteran in the niche of soap making. Anne is an expert in the field of Soap making. In his interview with Anne, information for young soap makers is present.

The Interview

Anne Marie took some time out of her busy schedule to honor this interview request. This interview is to help Beginners soap makers know what mistakes to avoid and how to bypass them.

Anne started Soaping quite early. When she initially started out, there was no internet connection, YouTube or Facebbok available. All the information she got were gathered through continuous practice and experience. She had to subject herself to the very crude method of trial and error. It takes some guts to keep on trying even in the face opposing realities.

When asked how she would summarize her soap journey in one sentence, she stated that “Handmade is bestmade”. This was so for her because she has felt the perfection that goes along with Handmade soaps.

Every successful person has a success philosophy, Anne is no different. And when asked about her success mantra, Anne simply stated, “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

Relating about the mistakes Beginners often make, Anne explained; “Beginners often try to do techniques that are far too hard (all the layers, all the texture, all the swirls …. All in one batch!) or add too many additives (for example oatmeal, goat milk, and honey are great together and also, require TLC and experience). These are all correctable and thankfully, it’s soap! If a few batches fail, you can try again”.

Anne is a motivation to many upcoming Soap makers. And apart from soap making, Anne has other social activities. She loves reading. She is also an avid scuba diver, hiker and runner.

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Sir Soapy uses only natural ingredients for his soap making, except Lye. He does not add any  synthentically made product. The more reason you should patronize him. Sir Soapy Soap making recipes are intended for everyone. His soap making recipes can be used by both the younger and older skin, and especially for those who appreciate high quality products.

Natural soap is not only a luxury that anyone can attain, but it is also a great help to those with sensitive and problematic skin (eczema, skin allergies, pimples and acne, and even psoriasis). It also makes a great gift!

Sir Soapy Soap making recipes are completely organic – they don’t contain any chemicals or dangerous additives, and for sensitive skin – they don’t even incorporate any perfumes.

Sir Soapy also help beginners to succinctly master the art of soap making. What you will find at Sir Soapy are: Easy step by step guide to safe, affordable, quality handmade soap making for beginners, Complicated recipe in simple and understandable way for beginners and Melt and Pour recipe.


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