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Promoting a Personal Brand in 2017: The Road from Product Development to Marketing

Learn an inspirational story of developing a brand from John Gramilto, a personal trainer with years of experience. Now everyone can know how to go about developing a health product and establishing a marketing campaign to promote it.

Today anyone can build a private brand from a scratch, so there is no need to deny one’s entrepreneurial spirit. John Gramilto is a proof  to the fact that this kind of business can work out splendidly. One just has to go about it the right way, which means having an effective strategy that encompasses the brand’s path starting from product development to its promotion.

One doesn’t have to be a scientist or a genius biologist in order to create any type of health products today. There are private labs and specialized companies that can perform this task and come up with unique blends that would fit right into the chosen market niche. They can be created unique in order to give the new brand an edge it needs to stand out right away. With the product/service ready, one only has to spread the information about it in order to start doing business.

Establishing Brand’s Online Presence and Marketing Campaign

The success of any business today depends on marketing. Without the help of efficient promotion, a startup doesn’t have a chance of getting noticed in the highly competitive and busy world. Establishing the company’s online presence is the key to this as other methods of promotion are much less effective in the contemporary society that runs on digital gadgets.

A successful online marketing promotion campaign for a new product/service must include the following elements:

Website. This is the pinnacle of a brand’s online presence and must present the business in the best light. John Gramilto with his website is a great example of a program for a personal brand. He offers reviews of the most popular products in his niche such as Crazy Bulk, an interesting blog, and a variety of helpful information for anyone interested in his services and knowledge.

Social media accounts. These must cover all major networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media offer the fastest route for promotion through ‘word of mouth’ and present a perfect platform for spreading content.

Press releases. These articles are spread through all major news portals in order to draw attention to the new brand and increase its credibility.

Creating a personal brand can be easy if one uses the help of reliable services and draws inspiration from successful stories. John Gramilto definitely offers a story like this.

To learn more about his brand, click here or reach out to him through the Contact Us form offered at the website. 

Media Contact
Company Name: TM Reviews
Contact Person: John Gramilto
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (909) 312-5704
Address:4966 Coleman Avenue
City: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States


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