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Versa Climber Studio Opening in Boston: Renowned trainer brings revolutionary fitness tool to the East Coast

BOSTON, MA – 8/31/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — William Byrd, an industry leading personal trainer and owner of Elite Training Boston is opening a Versa Climber studio in Boston. The Versa Climber is a scientifically proven fitness machine that is ideal for fat loss, muscle building and endurance boosting.

The Versa Climber is a vertical standing fitness machine that is fun and easy to use. Unlike many popular machines, such as the treadmill or stepper, the Versa Climber engages both the upper and lower body, activating all major muscle groups. It provides two adjustment settings that can be changed based on experience level as well as any physical needs. For example, if you are in rehabilitation, the Versa Climber accommodates any limitations with an appropriate amount of resistance.

Although it is a relatively new piece of exercise equipment, the Versa Climnber has successfully endured a variety of scientific research studies. In a study from California State University, the Versa Climber was shown to be more effective than a traditional resistance program workout for fat loss and muscle building. When compared to the results of a traditional resistance workout, subjects using the Versa Climber showed better overall results. This was possible because the Versa Climber activated the greatest number of major muscle groups in a single workout providing a more effective resistance effort and workload.

Another study from the University of Illinois tested the strength and endurance-focused results of the Versa Climber. After 8 weeks, the results of the female subjects allowed scientists to conclude that the Versa Climber was an ideal way to safely improve strength and endurance levels without the risks common with overloading techniques such as you’d find with traditional strength training.

Despite being extremely effective at supporting fat loss and muscle building goals, the Versa Climber has yet to gain the popularity that it has in Western states, such as California. William Byrd, a trainer with twelve years in the fitness industry discovered the Versa Climber, while in Los Angeles.

A Boston-based fitness trainer, William focuses on strength, conditioning, and performance enhancement. He has worked with elite professional and college athletes as well as the general fitness population. As a top-level trainer, William is constantly searching for new ways to improve his own training techniques to help his clients. This is what led William to take a trip to Los Angeles where he discovered the Versa Climber. Although it had gained an immense following in Los Angeles, the Versa Climber was a fitness tool that William had never seen in gyms back on the East coast.

Putting his business on hold, William stayed in Los Angeles to study, research, and understand the Versa Climber. It was William’s goal to become so well versed in the science and practical applications of the Versa Climber that he could be a leading authority on the machine. Several months later, he returned to his home ready to introduce the Versa Climber to his clients and the greater Boston area.

If you are interested in discovering the scientifically proven benefits of the Versa Climber, you can visit William’s personal studio. It is here that William offers several types of Versa Climber-focused classes. You will be able to choose 18 unique classes, all of which are 30 minutes in duration. Each Versa Climber class will differ based on previous fitness experience, limitations, and goals; however, all classes provide the appropriate challenge and intensity to achieve results.

Classes are limited to 4 people so that William will be able to personally provide you with the proper direction, assistance, and motivation you’ll need. For more information on the Versa Climber classes offered at William’s studio, please visit

If you would like a mixture of both traditional resistance training and the VersaClimber, William offers individual personal training sessions at the same location. Please send William an e-mail at [email protected] if you would like more information or if you have specific questions about the VersaClimber, his studio, or his classes.

150 Belmont St, 
Boston, MA 
02472, USA
Phone: 617-505-2627
E-mail: [email protected]

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Company Name: Elite Training Boston
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