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Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Becoming More and More Popular

Robot Vacuum Cleaner has been popular in the past 10 years. At the very beginning, Irobot is the only one producer then many companies started to enter this field as the smart products are leading the main market.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner products gradually grow into two divisions. One is European and American style, the main character is that the dustbin is on the bottom of the robot, and there are central main brushes on the bottom, performing the main function of sweeping with vacuuming. The other is Korean style, the main character is that the dustbin is on the upside of the robot, and there is only one simple sucker or rolling brush, performing the main function of vacuuming with sweeping.

In order to make this product more practical and attractive to the consumers, manufacturers add more functions, such as adding the mopping pad to do mopping function, UV light to do sterilization etc. These few years, they add water tank to do wet mopping, also WIFI and Camera and so on. Nevertheless, there are still many problems to be solved.

Problem One: The robot is working randomly without plan route, making the cleaning ineffective.

Problem Two: The only way to control the robot is by remote control as the intelligent control technology is not as perfectly advanced.

Problem Three: The wireless frequency of the robot is not compatible with the other smart home appliances so that they can’t be integrated to an automatically home living system such as security system.

In terms of the above issues, German Liectroux develops corresponding techniques to solve the problems.

No.1: Liectroux launches indoor GPS system with gyroscope to plan the routes, preventing the robot to repeated cleaning the same areas and be able to cover all the cleaning area. This is a huge progress improving the working efficiency greatly.

No.2: Liectroux develops the man-machine conversation system, making it possible to control the functions of the machine all by human voice. The technical challenge would be to identify the human voice correctly despite the noise of the robot itself. It’s a breakthrough with two years’ effort of German Liectroux.

No.3: Liectroux system make the machine combines with other home appliances and the security system perfectly like indoor smoke detector, door sensor, doorbell and wireless alarming. Moreover, it can be controlled integratedly with air conditioner, television and other home appliances which improve human’s living efficiency.

On Germany Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show in the year of 2016, German Liectroux Robotics displayed its latest research: Man-machines conversation, Alien planet robots, military robots, submarine detection robots etc. Officials of Department of Commence spokes highly of Liectroux Robotics’achievement.

As one of the leading brand names in the smart products industry, Liectroux Robotics  will play an important role in the reach of robot vacuum cleaners. Let’s look forward to it.

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