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Interchange Credit Card Processing at 1.5%, Compare Credit Card Machine Terminals

Merchant Resources, Inc.’s web-based portal,, offers free terminals, interchange rates and paying for your fees. The credit card terminal machine is free with us. No contract.

Square Reader

2.75% swipe

3.5% key

Fax your current statement to us with your name and phone number and we will do a side by side review of what you are paying in fees and what our rates are. Our fax number is 732-559-7802.

Here are a list of benefits:

  • Free paper
  • Free terminals
  • No contract
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1.65% rate. If you are paying over 1.65%, you are paying to much.
  • Upgrades to existing chip readers, bluetooth, apple and google pay
  • EBT and debit cards
  • No minimums, statement or yearly fees
  • Online viewing of statements available 24/7

Merchant Resources, Inc. provides high quality, tailored merchant accounts to fit your needs. We have over 25 years of experience helping merchants get the high quality service you deserve.

If the entity is “High-Risk,” Merchant Resources, Inc.,, most likely can get you qualified to take credit cards. The Company’s representatives will take your application with answers to simple questions about your business practices, and take them to Merchant Resources, Inc.’s credit card processing underwriters; more time than not the applicant qualifies for an account.

Additionally Merchant Resources, Inc., with its ‘A’ Better Business Bureau rating, provides the merchant with:

  • Free terminals, software or swiper for cellular phone
  • Contactless, EMV terminals
  • No contract, no minimums, no statement or yearly fees
  • View your statements online, 24/7 800 customer service
  • Interchange rate, lowest in the industry
  • No yearly fees
  • Low batch fees
  • No PCI compliance Fee — Merchant Resources, Inc. pays
  • Low interchange rates
  • Free set-up

Merchants seeking to obtain and/or lower credit card processing fees are to visit Merchant Resources, Inc. at and/or 1-888-895-3129 for a free no obligation quote.

Media Contact
Company Name: Merchant Resources
Contact Person: Jim Johnston
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1-888-895-3129
Country: United States


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