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Shanghai, China – 25th August 2016 – For Gentlemen Marketing Agency, business is really holding strong, Boasting an impressive client base including big name brands such as Lancôme, Vogue Paris, and Avene, the marketing Agency has decided to shake things up and give its loyal customers a break in tough times, the trusted and most reliable marketing company has announced the expansion of their service to Zhabei area in Shanghai.

Starting as a two-man team working from a home office in 2012, Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) is now one of the primary players in the Chinese digital marketing industry. The start-up agency is succeeding where many others have failed.

“China is an entrepreneurs’ dream, with new start-ups opening almost hourly” says GMA co-founder Olivier Verot. “But they are folding at a similar rate. Not understanding the market, growing too slowly, growing too quickly. They are failing for various reasons” he continued.

For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, GMA’s growth has been steady over the past four years and the agency now employs 37 full-time staff, stretching desk space in the Jing’an office to capacity.

Rather than relocating the entire office, Olivier and co-founder Philip Qian made a strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving the sales and client management teams in the central Shanghai office to accommodate the growing digital operations team.

“It is convenient to have an office located in downtown Shanghai. It is easier for our foreign clients as well as our international staff who like to be based in the city.

“Our operations team is predominately local and prefers to work in local areas where the cost of living is cheaper,” explains Olivier. The choice of office space on Hutaizhi Road was also a considered decision, looking towards the future.

Center 5i was designed with entrepreneurs and start-ups in mind. It has modern facilities with bright open spaces, offering more than the traditional four wall office space.

GMA are looking to recruit the next generation of digital marketers “We want to attract the best, brightest and most innovative office environments like this are appealing to young and innovative minds,” says Olivier.

For newest recruit, Chiu ChuanFeng (Fred), the office is a great outlet for creativity. According to Fred, “The team is young and dynamic so this casual working environment suits us. We work hard, but here we feel inspired to develop new ideas.”

As the agency continues to grow, GMA is looking to expand their network further with founders looking for opportunities for offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a digital marketing company based in Shanghai helping foreign companies develop their business in China by communicating with Chinese consumers.

The agency is backed by a team of international marketing professionals with an in-depth understanding of both western and Chinese marketing environments. Using the latest tools and insights, Gentlemen Marketing Agency leads the way in reaching the Chinese consumer ensuring a sound ROI for their clients.

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