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Singer April Hill Returns on OBEA’s “Grown Past You”

New York, New York – OBEA Media announces its debut mixed-media, collaborative project, “Grown Past You” featuring April Hill, September 1, 2016.

In 2007, April Hill came to the scene with her debut recording, Love 360. Her soulful and sassy vocals seduced soul music fans while belting out lyrics such as “They’re just admiring your taste, Boo. . . you know you got me. . .” With OBEA’s “Grown Past You” featuring April Hill, the dynamics have changed with lyrics such as, “I think about you day after day, trying to downplay the feelings. . .”

“Grown Past You” is an experimental, mixed-media artistic project, pulling together artists of various mediums, while challenging modern thought on unrequited love and relational trauma.

The OBEA Media team consists of Music Producer, Marlon Saunders; Writer/Creative Director, Stephen Earley Jordan II; and Costume Designer, O’Neal Wyche.

“’Grown Past You’ is a work that invites you to be still for a moment,” Marlon Saunders states. “You have to feel your way in. You must listen. You must look closely and you have to open your mind. It’s a coming-full-circle of self-love!”

Together, the team combined their individual expertise to create one complete project. “Grown Past You” video will be available on Youtube; and its complementary song, on Itunes, September 1, 2016.

OBEA Media is slated to release its next project—a holiday venture, by mid-November 2016.

Contact [email protected] for pre-released copy of video / song for reviews.

Contact Information:

OBEA Media
[email protected]

Media Contact
Company Name: OBEA Media
Contact Person: Stephen Jordan
Email: Send Email
Phone: 718-981-6069
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States


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