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Oklahoma City Locksmiths Launches Campaign To Highlight The Dangers Of Using Unlicensed Locksmiths

405 Locksmith offer advice and tips to help people avoid scams from unlicensed locksmiths in Oklahoma

A spokesman for 405 Locksmith explained: “Unlicensed locksmith are targeting consumers when they are vulnerable. Not only are they not qualified locksmiths and without a license, their main objective to rip people off and scam them.”


An unlicensed locksmith will charge up to ten times more than a qualified professional Locksmith warns 405 Locksmith. They advertise on the Internet and in small adverts claiming they offer the lowest prices around. The prices they advertise are always too good to be true. However, once they arrive at a person’s property, those prices continue to rise until they become shockingly expensive.


The prices are not the only reason to avoid unlicensed locksmiths according to 405 Locksmith. A locksmith who has not got a license has not been checked for a criminal record, that means a person who is locked out of their property could have a criminal in their home making arrangement to burgle it at a later date with their own set of keys.



The popular Oklahoma Locksmith said allowing an unlicensed locksmith access to a home is a serious mistake that could be costly. Not only could they cause damage to the home through their lack of experience, but they could also do it on purpose to increase the fee for their services.


405 Locksmith has offered some tips to make sure people avoid unlicensed locksmiths.



1.    Look for the required Locksmith License number in the company ad

2.    When the locksmith arrives ask to see their id and license number

3.    Ask for a firm quote before the work is done and have it put in writing




To stay safe and to keep homes, cars, and businesses safe, 405 Locksmith is calling on people in Oklahoma City to avoid using unlicensed locksmiths.


To learn more about 405 Locksmith and the services they offer, please visit



About 405 Locksmith


405 Locksmith are based in Oklahoma City and professional locksmith services. They provide services for residential and commercial customers.


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Company Name: 405 Locksmith
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City: Oklahoma City
State: Oklahoma
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