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Ecoessen Sunflower Oil 1 Liter, 3 Liter and 5 Liter
Eco Essen Sunflower Seed Oil is great for cooking and has a very high “Smoking Point” of 450 Degrees Fahrenheit. Rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3. High in Vitamin E (Tocopherols) in Sunflower Seed Oil acts as an antioxidant in neutralizing free radicals which damage the dells and immune system.

The Euro Organic Start up and the two Entrepreneurs behind it!

Eco Essen™ Sunflower seed Oil is produced in a NON GMO zone with ISO certification, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22 000:2005 and FSSC 22000 Health in Ukraine with certification. Eco Essen™ is ideal for frying, cooking and baking and has a high “smoking point” of 450-degrees Fahrenheit or 232 Centigrade.

Our goal is to provide healthy products to our markets that fit the profile of reducing obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle while making it affordable to the general public.

A few years ago, Philip Wu and Oleksiy (Alexi) Lomakin met by chance when Philip was an English Teacher at a private Language School in Santa Monica, California and Oleksiy was one of his students in his Business English Class. One of the class discussions was about developing business ventures in the United States and raising Venture Capital. 

When Alexi mentioned that Ukraine is the number one producer of Sunflower Seed Oil in the world and that the E. U. consumes the largest amount of Sunflower Seed Oil, they both decided that this is a viable product to import into the United States. 

Euro Organic, Ltd. was thus formed as a way to offer an alternative to Genetically Modified Products such as Canola Oil, “Vegetable Oil” and Corn Oil. Philip and Alexi raised the capital to fund the startup via an Angel Investor and relied on childhood friend, and now their business partner, Jalal Huseynov in Kiev, Ukraine to oversee Quality control and export shipments. “Nothing is impossible” and “Never give up” is part of their DNA and they are beginning to see the results!

Their mission was to provide healthy products to our markets that fit the profile of reducing obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle while providing products that are affordable to the general public. Eating healthy should be affordable!

Discover why it’s very healthy for you and your family. 

• Great for your heart

Rich in Vitamin E and low in saturated fats & high in mono saturated fats.

• Helps lower Bad Cholesterol (:DL)

Rich in unsaturated fats and Lecithin which lowers cholesterol levels.

• Contains Antioxidants

Vitamin E (Tocopherol in Sunflower Seed Oil acts as an antioxidant in neutralizing free radicals which damage the cells and immune system.)

Eco Essen Sunflower Oil is ideal for cooking, baking and frying and has a “Smoking point” of 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Centigrade.

Start eating healthy!

For more information visit us at:

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Media Contact
Company Name: Euro Organic, Ltd. (USA)
Contact Person: Philip Wu or Oleksiy Lomakin
Email: mailto:[email protected]
Phone: (818) 613 – 7099 or (310) 425 – 6490
Country: United States


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