Thomas Blonde’s Diffusers And Monthly Oil Subscription Service Keeps The Home Smelling Incredible Without Breaking The Bank

December 07 21:03 2022
With options for any home, Thomas Blonde delivers delicious scents that make every room smell incredible. This far more affordable option comes with multiple types of diffusers and delightful scents.

Everyone wants their home to smell amazing all the time, especially when there are pets involved.  Candles are a great solution, but it comes with a price tag. With candles costing upwards of $40 each, it doesn’t take long for the price to be unaffordable. Burning them a few hours at a time means those great scents only last for a short while. One cannot replace the ambiance of a lit candle; however, Thomas Blonde can help a home smell amazing 24/7 so one only needs to burn candles when they want.

Thomas Blonde’s oil diffusers are the ideal alternative. This affordable option breaks down to only 20 cents an hour to have a house that smells amazing all the time. 

Thomas Blonde’s diffusers and oil options

Thomas Blonde has two electronic diffuser options that are diffusible through an HVAC system or as a standalone unit in the home or office. The Blondie Pro is the ultimate diffuser with adjustable scent levels. This unit can be a standalone option, or it can be connected directly to an HVAC system for distribution. With the ability to handle up to 4,000 square feet and hold up to 16 ounces of oil, this is the best choice for an office or large home. 

The Blondie Mini offers similar benefits to the Pro but as a smaller unit that works for 2,000 square feet. This makes it ideal for any home. It is a standalone unit with the ability to work from any room in the house. 

The 100% natural oils that go with these diffusers are available in multiple heavenly scents such as Blonde, their signature scent, Palm Desert and Canyon. These essential oil blends will leave any room smelling incredible with long-lasting and affordable results. Sample scent packs are also available if one isn’t sure which one, they want allowing them to test all that Thomas Blonde has to offer. To make them even more affordable and ensure that the home continues to smell amazing, Thomas Blonde has great subscription plans where refills are sent out monthly. No need to remember to reorder, and the price is discounted to reward that forward planning. 

Scent lovers can rest assured that they’re getting the best price possible with the safety and convenience of a natural essential oil diffuser through Thomas Blonde. 

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