The Journey to Enlightenment and Mental Peace

August 24 20:46 2022
The Journey to Enlightenment and Mental Peace
Love Yourself: It All Begins with You by Jamai Wray
I just want to be the person that I wish, I had, growing up.

Jamai Wray asks the reader about the knowledge that can be gained from exploring the realms of spirituality and one-self. Specifically questioning and deconstructing the reality that we have built around us that encapsulates our spiritual and human desires. At times, from societal stigma or religious imposition, we rarely take the step to find ourselves. Hence, due to our lack of knowledge regarding the subject, we are forced to live a life that is fruitless and colorless.

What is unknown to us, blinds us but that shouldn’t be the case!

Worldly possessions and desires should not be undermined but, understood and respected. We are born as humans and humans carry within themselves a plethora of spiritual and corporeal organs, so to speak. For example, what if we lost our ability to communicate, lost our ability to feel pain, happiness, sorrow or think? We know that we form speech through our tongues but have your ever wondered about the sound that escapes?

According to the author, he underlines the importance of humane desires, ideologies and beliefs. Therein, universal laws of belief, detachment, forgiveness, intent, action, manifestation, attraction and reflection. These intangible desires create the foundation of a man; think of it as a spiritual and emotional replica of the Vitruvian man. The foundation of a human is more than their skeleton or the nervous system but, what separates us from machine is the mystery of our mind and its inner workings. It is hard for us to comprehend what we can’t see.

Written within Love Yourself: It All Begins with You, the author digs upon the subject of the Human condition additionally, casts his insight upon the subject of self-love, relationships, purpose, spirituality and the consequence of humanity’s impact upon themselves along with the land they occupy.

Knowledge is an accumulation of one’s experience in life in tandem with the response attained from outside forces. Books, words of wisdom, speeches and debates; today, we gain information on a daily from electronic devices. Even if we are bombarded with an influx of constant stimuli, we fail to recognize the beauty of its inception. How do we create war? How do we forgive and most importantly, how do we move forward when the world knocks us to our knees? The answers may not be so simple but, they are apparent.  

The author channels their creativity by publishing books, and writing scripts for television and film. Their desire to entertain, educate and enlighten is accomplished by taking advantage of their talent. Not only do they wish to spread awareness of important topics but, they wish to do so in a way that makes the topic digestible for the readers. Apart from publishing books, the author is a contractor for the NYC Department of Education, where he is a curriculum developer, speaker, and mentor.

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