Meebike Unveils Advanced Sensor System Integrated Into Powerful New Electric Bikes Pairing Vintage Styling With Latest EV Technology

July 05 20:10 2022

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – As the transportation industry continues to evolve and eco-friendly modes of transport rise in popularity, a brand-new electric bike manufacturer has entered the conversation with a pair of technologically-advanced bikes perfect for any outdoor excursion. Meebike is a new Los Angeles-based manufacturer specializing in designing innovative, stylish electric bicycles. Designed in the style of vintage motorcycles from the golden age of cinema, Meebike’s design style incorporates retro styling blended with industry-leading modern components. Meebike offers two different models, the NearMEE and NearMEE Step-Thru, which allows customers a pair of options depending on their preferred riding style. 

“Our team incorporates the latest, most groundbreaking technology available for these bikes. Between the powerful motor, our advanced torque sensor, the impressive stopping power, reliable battery life and sturdy suspension, potential customers can rest assured that they’re receiving a bike that’s going to be as reliable as it is fun,” comments Meebike CEO Rory. “We also wanted to make sure that both the NearMEE and NearMEE Step-Thru were accessible for all interested customers, and we developed a pricing system that makes these bikes extremely affordable. A low price shouldn’t mean riders are sacrificing on quality, and we truly believe that we strike the best balance between performance and practical pricing in the e-bike industry.”

These all-new electric bikes separate themselves from the competition with an extremely flexible frame and the latest available EV technology. Powered by a stout 750W motor, Meebike’s NearMEE and NearMEE Step-Thru each have a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Hydraulic disc brakes serve to match each bike’s impressive performance capabilities. 

In addition to the remarkable performance figures, both bikes feature an impressive range via the 960Wh Samsung/LG high-capacity battery. When combining this durable battery with Meebike’s torque sensor and intelligent vector control for efficient battery use, a range of 80+ miles on a single charge can be achieved. Meebike’s fully integrated battery frame design further serves to better protect the battery while offering a simple and unified overall aesthetic. Each Meebike model has a charge time of between 6-9 hours, making it the perfect bike for overnight or mid-day charging.

Meebike implements industry-best torque sensor and intelligent vector controller technology typically found in high-end luxury e-bikes. The torque sensor is more advanced than the speed sensors used in most e-bikes and uses a precision strain gauge that measures the actual force a rider is exerting on the pedal, sampling it at a rate of 1,000 times per second over the entire pedal stroke. The torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling and accurately identifies the rider’s intent to ride to determine how much power to push onto the bike.

“The harder you pedal, the more power it provides to the motor. If you pedal lightly, less power goes to the motor. It makes this adjustment in real time to precisely control power output, increasing range by an average of 30%,” continues Rory. “The intelligent vector controller tracks the motor angle at all times, outputting maximum torque no matter what speed or time, especially when going uphill, the riding feeling is powerful. Because vector control plays the maximum torque output and phase current closed loop at all times, it minimizes the impact on the motor, reduces motor heat, extends the life of the motor, and reduces the damage rate of the motor. It technically amplifies every input you make, making the rider feel bionic!”

Meebike places a major emphasis on creating stylish, high-performance electric bicycles that provide a better riding experience for all. With a 47.2-inch wheelbase and weighing in at just 72 pounds, Meebike’s pair of e-bikes offers unprecedented performance on a lightweight, yet comfortable frame. Each Meebike features dual suspension in both front and rear, a hydraulic double-shoulder shock-absorbing fork, and rear spring shock-absorbing to allow riders to feel relaxed and comfortable on any terrain. 

Meebike also undergoes a strict technical checklist prior to any sale to ensure the safety and quality of every electric vehicle that customers receive. Using a simple delivery model that is direct from factory to consumer, Meebike is able to serve customers without interference. With a price tag of just $2,499.00 apiece, these new electric bikes strike a perfect balance between comfort, quality and affordability.

To learn more about Meebike and their available electric bike models, please visit These bikes are available via pre-sale now, where customers can  get $300 off during the pre-sale period. The bikes ship for free, with shipment expected to start in either late July or early August with a shipping time of 3-5 days. Meebike will also be giving away some free e-bikes during the pre-sale, and interested customers can follow Meebike’s Facebook page for more information about the event:

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