Embracing Transformation – Karen Kinney’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Evolve and Grow Creatively and Spiritually

May 24 00:48 2022

Santa Monica, CA, USA – May 23, 2022 – Professional artist and contemplative spirituality practitioner Karen Kinney has now released her latest book, Doorways to Transformation: Everyday Wisdom for the Creative Soul. The new book is an abundant resource of spiritual and creative knowledge that helps people grow and evolve towards a better future. It equips readers with the right tools to start a transformative journey in their life, while also unlocking their full inner potential.

Doorways to Transformation has been lauded by notable figures in the literary realm. The book is stated to be highly comprehensive, teaching people how to find joy behind ordinary moments, while venturing into the unknown and letting go of irrational fears. Sharing principles that she has developed and tested over many years, Karen Kinney wants readers to discover their innate wisdom and potential in order to live a fully authentic and expressed life. According to the author, integrating a sense of spirituality and creativity in everyday life can help people become more self-aware and reflect with greater intentionality on the inner landscape of their hearts, creating a positive change from within. These insights can be beneficial for people who might be going through a creative block or feeling out of touch with their creative source, as well as for people who are seeking greater inspiration and renewal in their lives.

Karen Kinney is a professional artist, an author, freelance writer, and a practitioner of contemplative spirituality for over 20 years. She continuously strives to break personal boundaries and embrace not just creative freedom, but also spiritual liberty. Throughout her journey as an artist and her experience with cross-cultural living, Karen has gained deep insights about living as authentically as possible. As a teacher and an author, she is highly proactive about sharing these insights and techniques with people from all around the world.

Currently living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Karen’s work has taken her around the globe. She has exhibited her artwork nationally and internationally, and has facilitated inner transformation and creative freedom classes in Hong Kong, Mexico, and the United States. Her work has been featured in various notable publications and with this new book, she will reach a much larger audience. Karen Kinney is available for interviews.

Doorways to Transformation: Everyday Wisdom for the Creative Soul is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1CBGRGN

About Karen Kinney: https://karenkinney.com/bio

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