Staying After Practice: How One Former Athlete Hustled to Run and Manage One of Virginia Titan Division’s Most Successful Branches

December 02 14:10 2021
Allison Green Thought She Was at the End of Her Rope When Her Collegiate Athletics Dreams Were Crushed; But With a Little Guidance and A Lot of Hustle, She Found Her New Passion for Sales

For most, college is a time for academics, parties, new beginnings, and maybe even some mistakes. For others, it is a time where they build the foundation for the rest of their lives. So what separates the average college student from the spectacular student? Ask Allison Green, the Virginia Tech student who took on a side hustle with Virginia Titan Division, the Virginia Division of Vector Marketing, that would end up changing the entire course of her entire life. 

Throughout her life, Allison was a dedicated field hockey athlete with dreams of competing on the collegiate stage. When the out-of-state price tag of her aligned colleges was out of budget for her family with what she really wanted, her dreams were crushed. She realized she would have to retire from her passion for sports. Unsure of what her future holds amid a global pandemic, Allison began working with The Virginia Titan Division as a remote sales representative, selling the world-renowned Cutco Cutlery. After a few short months, that spark and drive she found in athletics began to reignite. 

Hungry for success, Allison began implementing an athlete’s approach to sales with a ‘staying after practice’ attitude to put in the time and hustle to be the best. At the young age of 19, going from being a sales rep one summer to a manager the next, Allison found herself running Virginia Titan Division’s 2nd most profitable branch, breaking personal sales records, driving in unprecedented revenue, and managing her team as if she’d been doing it for decades. For the summer of 2021, Allison’s branch brought in $24,803.14 of income for the young college student.

So how exactly did she do it? 

Allison threw herself into her studies and her work, transforming her mindset which would ultimately transform her life. She began studying the habits of those at the top, becoming a sponge for knowledge and strategy, which she would implement with her own twist. This ‘leave everything on the field’ mentality fueled an unmatched passion for sales that would set the framework for Allison’s future. 

Now a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology with 2 minors in Spanish and Psychology, Allison has her sights set high on becoming the Pilot Sales Manager for Virginia’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA for the summer of 2022.

“I never could have imagined myself running a business at the age of 19, especially managing people that were my age if not slightly older. It forced me to mature quicker and therefore I’m able to propel myself forward in every aspect of my life now.” – Allison Green

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to ‘staying after practice’; Allison Green’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as she takes on new challenges and opportunities with Virginia Titan — all because she heard about a remote job opportunity from an old hockey friend. 

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