Mix Amore Launches The Best Dating App For 2019

December 17 16:20 2018

Love, a simple 4 letter word and yet it causes so many emotions. When you experience true love, one can ‘catch a grenade’ for their partner (Bruno Mars agrees on this). What’s more, it is all sunshine and rainbows for those who find it. But if it goes awry, all hell breaks loose. Some even enter a depression phase and are unable to pick up the pieces. Regardless, love is not doomed which is why we offer a solution. A dating app called Mix Amore. With the app, you can find your perfect match ensuring you live the sunshine and rainbows part.

Mix Amore will for sure blowup come 2019 – already it has created quite the buzz. Understandably, some of you might be skeptical towards the app, ‘it’s just another dating app’… Wrong! Its more than a dating app, here is why;

  • It redefines interracial and multicultural

Your match can be of any race and come from any cultural background. Mix Amore therefore has broadened their match ups beyond black and white. (Majority of you may think this is the definition of interracial). It has accommodated other races and cultures including Asians, Latinos Indians and so on. For example, Mix Amore has members from India, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, UK, Africa, and Australia just to name a few.

  • Social media causing breakups… Mix Amore to the rescue

Is twifing even a thing? Totally. Recall that one awful date you had where your counterpart kept looking at their cell phones, probably updating their social media status? That is embarrassing and hurtful on so many levels. Why did you even go for that date if you were going to be ignored through most of it? Think it’s a problem in the U.S. only, this is a global problem! Social media,  a.k.a. twifing, destroys so many relationships – there is even something called social media prenups! Wow, social media prenups… that’s just crazy and sad. So, Mix Amore allows you to be matched to someone based on the time they spend on social media. Now, that’s being a problem solver!

  • Strict verification

Fake accounts owned by perverted individuals and people seeking to steal your information for some twisted purposes taint the good name of dating apps. Thus, Mix Amore protects its users against such people restoring trust and faith in dating apps. It does this through a selfie verification process. This way, those individuals who can never reveal their faces hence keep off the site.

  • Ease of usage and reliable

Finally, Mix Amore is easy to use. Simple swiping left and right, and a quick user search. In addition, it has room for real time messaging and instantly notifies its users on any activity based on their profile. No need to wait for ages just to secure a date with your perfect match.

With all these features, why would you pass on this opportunity? Mix Amore app corrects the imperfections of your typical dating apps to bring you the ultimate app. Do not pass on the opportunity to meet your compatible companion. Sign in on Mix Amore today.

For more information, please visit www.mixamore.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/n3mXzrBTHGw

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