The Immortality Foundation Confirms Death Is Not Inevitable

December 06 02:24 2018
Longevity became the great challenge of biology. The Immortality Foundation’s goal is to boost the efforts and funds to eradicate age-related diseases.

Filip Poutintsev, the founder of the Immortality Foundation faithfully believes that old age and death should not be part of an inescapable countdown, but instead, a group of illnesses that can be corrected by science.

The concept of preventing or reversing aging is a potentially new approach for the sector, which is already beginning to be explored. The community of experts behind this non-profit assures that continuing research and advances regarding new treatments have the potential to delay the pathological conditions preceding death and, in the near future, and will break the chain of mortality, at least from a biological point of view.

The main point focuses on solving age-related diseases (ARDs) separately, being divided into 7 variables: Loss and atrophy or degeneration of cells, accumulation of cells that are not wanted, mutations in chromosomes and mitochondria, the collection of “junk” within and outside cells, and finally cross-links in proteins outside the cell.

In contrast, despite the advances made in gerontological matters – some treatments are already in practice in animals, that manage to prolong their existence in laboratories – the organization seeks to generate a more significant level of engagement so that specific research of techniques that increase longevity gain more impactful support.

Research And References

Similar cases, such as the SENS Research Foundation are the main actors within the landscape; it serves as an engine that transforms related scientific projects into companies with viable and active plans. Its founder and one of the pioneers of the concept Dr. Aubrey de Gray -author of “Ending Aging” (2017)-, has managed to create a stir thanks to his numerous statements and participation on platforms such as TED Talk. Those later caught the attention of the public to the different areas of research, such as artificial organs, gene therapy and senescence, stem cells, cryonics, and immortal organisms.

According to numbers provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the United States alone, 100,000 people over 65 die per year. Following this same line, biologists Xianrui Cheng and James Ferrell, from Stanford University, were able to measure for the first time the speed at which death moves within cells. The discovery, published in the Science magazine, shows that a human being loses more than 50 billion cells a day (the aging process).

According to the Immortality Foundation, to achieve the success of these scientific advances, it’s necessary to provide a significant flow of donations for researchers, which could make the difference between decades of efforts and the final benefits for humankind.

Among the advantages, they attribute to the success of their research include: the increase in the value of life, the decrease in violence, greater care of the planet, drop in the birth rate and finally, a higher general range of opportunity to achieve personal goals and wealth.

Recently, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin donated 2.4 million dollars worth of ETHS to the SENS Research Foundation. Like him, many other entrepreneurs are deciding to invest in the cause, as well as being a foundation that benefits the entire world population; it could become a new industry with long-term millionaire benefits.

The step towards immortality

Human societies are increasingly complex because they reinvent and expand at every moment. The non-profit organization wants to encourage interested parties to make their donations of funds to the SENS Research Foundation since they consider it to be the best alternative within the sector. Those who wish to support the research will be able to deduct their donations from the tax of their salary since the said organization is a 501 © (3) public charity.

For more information about the Immortality Foundation, contact: [email protected]

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