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Kickstarted Games announces the launch of its new website

November 09
03:05 2018
Leading provider of Kickstarter-originated games, Kickstarted Games, launches a new website to make board games and gaming hobby items accessible to gamers across the globe

Kickstarted Games is a veteran-owned small business that focuses on providing game lovers and other such persons across the globe with a wide range of board games and gaming hobby items, a majority of them originating from one of the leading crowdfunding platforms – Kickstarter. As part of the company’s goals of helping game lovers across the globe get easy and fast accessibility to their games and gaming accessories, Kickstarted Games recently launched a user-friendly website.

The gaming world has experienced a series of evolution over the years with developers and other such stakeholders in the entertainment industry offering game lovers worldwide with fun and exciting innovations to solve their several gaming needs. Like any other venture, developing a game or even a gaming accessory can be time-consuming, and even, more importantly, developers require a significant capital to bring their ideas to life. Consequently, most businesses in this category often raise funds from the public via crowdfunding platforms, with Kickstarter being one of the most popular crowdfunding websites for game developers and other businesses with amazing concepts. Kickstarted Games is, however, bringing an innovation to the gaming world by bridging the gap between game lovers and crowd funding games, with a major focus on providing amazing, rare board games to its customers worldwide.

Kickstarted Games basically brings Kickstarter games to game lovers, carrying a plethora of board games and gaming hobby items. With almost two decades of selling online via eBay, the family-owned small business has been able to provide the best of board games and gaming accessories to gaming enthusiasts at remarkably affordable rates. The unique combination of affordability and quality has helped to increase the brand’s popularity with game lovers, especially those that enjoy board games.

The company’s recent launch of its easy to navigate website that allows shoppers to sort for their favorite products based on different categories including price, alphabetic order, and date of release is a further reiteration of Kickstarted Games’ commitment to offering the best possible experience to gamers.

The website features over 50 different types of products virtual reality board games, VR module glasses, and other amazing games and hobby items, each of which are sourced from top brands across the globe and provided at remarkably affordable rates. This ensures that gamers do not have to break the bank to have a good time with friends and family.

More information about Kickstarted Games and the products offered can be found on the newly launched website.

About Kickstarted Games

Kickstarted Games is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The family-owned small business has been selling online via eBay since 1999, offering a wide assortment of board games and gaming hobby items – many of which originated on the crowdfunding website “Kickstarter.”

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